Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Cabinets

As ubiquitous as cabinets are in our homes, they can be a bit boring to look at. Anyone who’s ever lived in a prefabricated house will know the feeling of staring at bland, factory-made kitchen cabinets every morning while they eat their cereal.

Why not add some panache to your cabinets? With a little effort, any homeowner can upgrade those boring wooden storage units into something with character and style. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, there are plenty of ways to turn your existing cabinets into something that will excite the senses and supplement your home’s value.

J & J Quality Construction is proud to present the following list of ideas for updating your kitchen cabinets. As with any project, contact a professional remodeling contractor if you need help or have concerns about cabinet upgrades.

Now on to the list!

Add Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to a cabinet system is one of the most effective ways to inject some class into your kitchen. Molding comes in a huge variety of styles and shapes, so it’s a nice option if you’re out of upgrade ideas and would like to add a little height and flourish to your cabinets.

Molding is especially compelling with painted cabinets.

Paint Your Cabinets

If you’re on a budget, painting your cabinets can be a good way to maximize it. With a few gallons of paint, some brushes, sandpaper, varnish cleaner, and some extra time, you can give your cabinets a contemporary look that will work in any room. Try chalk paint for an especially rustic vibe.

Add Task Lighting And Uplighting

Not only is extra lighting a good way to illuminate a kitchen or bathroom, it can add character to rooms that people normally don’t associate with warmth and radiance. With LED technology being so prevalent these days, it’s easier than ever to start (and finish) a DIY lighting project. You can find LED kits at any home improvement store — just pick one to your liking, grab some tools and follow the directions in the box.

If you’re partial to traditional lighting and have little experience with home improvement projects, you may want to consider hiring a custom builder to install them for you.

Add Hardware

Manufactured cabinets tend to stick to a certain aesthetic when it comes to accessories like handles — sleek, shiny, and aerodynamic. Break the norm and install some custom knobs or pulls on your cabinets. You can buy single handles at any home improvement store, but they tend to be expensive; instead, look for packs of handles that will save you some money.

If you’re looking for more of a unique style for your cabinets and budget is no issue, browse antique shops for ornate single knobs or pulls. Having a different knob for each cabinet can add a lot of character to a kitchen or bathroom!

Change Cabinet Insets To Glass

Add a more modern look to your cabinets by removing the insets and replacing them with decorative glass panels. Not only is this a huge cost saver when compared to replacing cabinets entirely, but it can transform a drab room into something completely different. Glass panels come in all kinds of styles, from frosted glass to bubble textures, so you’ll have quite a few looks to choose from for your project.

Note that not all cabinets (especially custom-made ones) will allow for the middle panel to be removed, so check the backs of your cabinet doors to make sure before you go out and purchase glass replacements.

Add Beadboard Insets

Much like glass panels, beadboard insets in your cabinets can drastically transform a kitchen or bathroom. Instead of the flat panels that adorn most cabinets, why not go for something different and add a little texture to yours? Beadboard is relatively cheap, easy to find, and easy to cut and install. Just make sure your current cabinets will allow for replacement.

Fill Empty Space Above Your Cabinets

If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, you can easily update them by adding wood pieces – matched to your existing cabinets, of course – to fill the space. Even better, install additional cabinets in the empty spaces to add more storage — if your local big box home improvement store doesn’t have a cabinet style that matches your current setup, check with local custom cabinet makers for ideas.

Remove Doors For Open Storage

This conversion is great for those with a non-existent home improvement budget. Just pop the doors off your cabinets, and voila, instant open storage for your kitchen or bathroom accoutrements. To add a little color, you can even throw on some patterned wallpaper or adhesive backing to the walls of the cabinets.

Convert To Open Shelving

Although a bit more involved for do-it-yourselfers, tearing out cabinets and replacing them with an open shelving system is a great way to add more space to a room. In addition to being an inexpensive modification, you can often use the existing soffits that are holding up your cabinets to mount new shelves.

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