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As a distinguished general contracting company in Fresno and Clovis, J & J Quality Construction offers unmatched attention to detail for your home or office remodel. As a premier building contractor, we ensure perfection is our end goal - from obtaining proper permits to vetting subcontractors and ensuring timely, budgeted home remodeling projects. All of this guarantees a smooth, uninterrupted remodeling process. Got a challenge? Our team swiftly addresses it, guaranteeing no disruptions to your home remodel, build, or other projects. Contact us for a free estimate!


Here at J & J Quality Construction, we love building something out of nothing. We work closely with the homeowner during the custom home-building process to ensure their vision is brought to life. After all, this is the home you are designing and building to live in for many years to come. You want every detail perfect, the spaces functional, and a seamless aesthetic that you'll love. From the first drafts of your home through the building process, you will be kept in the loop so that you ensure things are done right. There are many steps before the final walkthrough, and we ensure each step is done right. To learn more, contact our Fresno-based home-building team today!


Adding a room to your Fresno home is one of the most cost-effective ways of creating more space. Plus, it eliminates the hassle of trying to sell your home and find a new home, especially if you live in a great neighborhood or area and you don't particularly want to move. Furthermore, you can customize your space to the exact function of the new room. Are you adding a home office? Then you probably want a big window with a view. Are you adding an additional bedroom? Perhaps you want to add a small bath as well. J & J Quality Construction offers great home addition remodeling services. Call us for a free estimate today!


Besides being the heart of your home, your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. After all, you cook your meals here, grab your snacks and drinks, and bake cookies for the neighbors. So you want a kitchen that can meet all of these demands easily. Kitchen remodeling is the best way to create the kitchen of your dreams. You can place the cabinets where you want them, have a center island with a sink and a dishwasher if you prefer, and install a double oven for all your get-together needs. Plus, as you know, you'll instantly increase the value of your home. Call our kitchen remodeling company in Fresno for a free estimate today!


The bathroom is one of the first rooms you use in the morning and can be the last at night, too. There's something entirely comforting in entering your bathroom and being greeted by a functional space with the design that you love. From the colors on the walls to the placement of the sinks and the soaking bathtub and dual showerheads you've always wanted, having a nice and comfortable bathroom can start your day and end your day off right. Our Fresno kitchen remodeling team works diligently to ensure your bathroom renovation is perfect. From the design to the final touches of the mirror and lighting, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Call to get started today!


Cabinets are great finishing touches that can not only add value to your home but also are functional and can really make your rooms pop. Our home remodeling company specializes in all types of cabinets, from kitchens and bathrooms to closets and desks. We design, construct, and finish your cabinetry so you can have truly unique items that add to your space. Our carpenters specialize in adding decorative touches, such as crown molding, wainscotting, and shutters, that add an aesthetic that you can't create any other way. To get started, call J & J Quality Construction in Fresno today.


Outdoor living areas have become a must-have for many homeowners in Fresno. These spaces enrich your lives immeasurably by giving you a comfortable place to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. From breathing the fresh air to watching the butterflies flit from flower to flower, outdoor spaces allow our stress levels to drop and our worries to disappear. If you have kids or pets, outdoor living spaces are essential for them to get their energy out. Our home remodeling company offers outdoor kitchens, pergolas, patios, fire pits, and more — perfect spaces for entertaining, celebrating, and more. Call for a free estimate today!



J & J Quality Construction has been serving the residents and business owners of the greater Fresno and Clovis area for years. We focus on bringing our customers the best possible home remodeling services using only the highest-quality materials backed by the best craftsmanship to give you a home you can’t wait to come home to after a long day at work. Our mission is to have your home envelop you in comfort, style, and warmth from the moment you arrive home till the moment you leave. Life is simply too short to spend a lot of your time in a home that does not suit your needs.

If you are looking for the best home remodeling company in Fresno and Clovis, call our team for a free estimate today!

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