The Top Reasons To Remodel Your Home

Owning a home means putting a lot of thought and effort into keeping it updated, safe, and comfortable for you and your family. This is especially true when it comes to remodeling — what can you afford to set aside for a remodeling budget? Do you do it yourself, or do you hire a commercial contractor to do the work for you? Do you tackle everything at once or concentrate on one area at a time? There are so many factors to consider in a remodeling project that it can be tough to know where to start.

The fine folks at J & J Quality Construction believe that an educated customer is a prepared customer. With that in mind, we’d like to present our latest blog on the top reasons to remodel your home.

You’re Sticking Around

Whether you’re pushing for a long-term goal of living in your house past retirement, or you would like to raise your family there as long as possible, it’s always a good idea to consider remodeling certain parts of the house at some point in your time living there. Residing in between the same walls for years or decades can get a little stagnant, and commiting to a remodeling plan for at least a few rooms, such as the living room or the kitchen, can make it all feel fresh again. You won’t necessarily need to remodel your entire house to get that effect, so concentrating on areas where your family hangs out might be the best way to get relatively quick results from a remodeling project.

You’re Selling The House

Plans for your family might not include sticking around the area for an extended period of time. If this is the case, you might as well invest some money in updating some of the older aspects of your house in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Remodeling any part of your home in preparation for a sale is a wise idea, but there are several areas you might want to pay close attention to — the kitchen, the bathroom, and the exterior of the house. Studies have shown that these areas, when improved, present a higher value to any would-be homeowner.

For more ideas on preparing your home for a sale, contact your local remodeling contractor.

You’re Planning On Retiring Soon

If you’re preparing to stay in your house through your senior years, remodeling is an important step in making sure your residence will be ready for your retirement with aging-in-place features such as safety bars and a step-in shower for the bathroom, slip-resistant flooring in the kitchen and entryways, or even a pneumatic elevator to take you to the upper floors.

You Want To Go Green

Environmentally-friendly houses are becoming increasingly common as social awareness of our impact on the environment becomes more prominent. If you’re interested in doing your part in lessening that impact, why not start with your home? Replacing your older windows with energy-efficient models, installing a solar panel system, or getting a new eco-friendly water softener are all good places to start.

You Want To Make It Safer

A house filled with safety issues is a danger to anyone that steps into it, especially children. Not only are you putting yourself and your family at risk with those rickety stairs and broken kitchen floor tiles, you could injure visitors to your home and face an eventual liability suit.

Avoid those issues by budgeting and planning for a safety remodel. Make a note of any problem areas in the house, and check the exterior to make sure it’s free of potential safety scenarios like loose roofing slats or shattered concrete sections. Afterwards, contact a commercial contractor to have them come to your location and give you an estimate for the work.

You’re Tired Of Looking At The Same Old Stuff

Maybe your home needs a facelift. Are you tired of staring at the same avocado-green walls every morning when you wake up? Paint them a new color or apply some fancy wallpaper to liven them up. For homeowners on a budget, doing smaller sized remodeling projects like this can be one of the best ways to take that stale feeling out of living in the same place day after day.

Other ways to avoid the “old house” doldrums:

  • Replace old countertops with something modern
  • Replace plumbing appliances like toilets and sinks
  • Upgrade your living room into a home theater
  • Install new kitchen cabinets
  • Install new carpeting
  • Paint the exterior of the house

You Want To Increase Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling bills got you down? Replacing the old siding on the outside of your home is a good start to saving money on energy costs, as is replacing the windows and doors with newer, energy-efficient versions. Installing heated flooring can also help cut down on overall energy costs, as will tearing out and replacing the shingles on the roof. For the ultimate in energy savings, have a professional install a solar power system on top of your house — not only will you get access to an almost limitless supply of power, you’ll be looking at saving a substantial amount of money as the system pays for itself over time.

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