I will always go to them

I have an almost hundred year old house with small closets and not enough bathrooms, so I wanted to create a master suite with a bathroom. J&J Quality incorporated everything I wanted into the plans and gave great suggestions to improve on my hazy idea of what the project could be. We converted a large bedroom and the two small closets between it and the master into a bathroom, nursery, and two large walk-in closets. The guys at J&J Quality were so helpful, accessible, kind, and honest that in all my future projects, I will always go to them. They used their great knowledge to trouble shoot problems that are bound to surprise you with old houses, and field permitting and tower district aesthetic limitations. They pay a great attention to detail to make sure all their work is quality and showed great courtesy to me as their customer and someone who had to live with the adventure of construction on my bedroom while eight and nine months pregnant.

Courtney Hughes